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December 22, 2010
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Remember that crazy awesome flash I kept hyping in my journals? Well BAM. HERE IT IS, SUCKAZ.

First off, press F11 to put your browser in fullscreen. It will make viewing easier.

This is my greatest work to date, hands down. It may be arrogant to say so, but I set out to create the greatest preg/inflation Flash of all time, and I can damn well say I did it. If you think another is better, let me know so I can top that one.

In any case, I used every Flash trick I know, and learned a lot more by making this. Variables, complex coding, I learned a LOT. Oh, and the treat for finishing the game is a great ending cinematic, which I can also say is the best thing I've ever animated.

Yeah, I spent a crapload of time on this one. Apologies to the two guys I owe commissions, but this just HAD to get done, you know?

All that said, I may have missed a bug or two when testing it. Let me know if you find any and I'll fix them ASAP. Also, if it seems to run slow, let me know so I can put in a way to change the quality.

By the way, there is a password function in this game to skip to the end. The password is revealed to you at the end of the game, but PLEASE don't tell anybody what the password is. I've gone to some lengths to prevent cheating in this game, so I'd reallllllly appreciate that people actually play it to completion at least once.

Let me make myself clear: If you ask for/post the password in the comments, I will hide your comment as soon as I see it. If you do it again, I might fucking block you, so DON'T FUCKING DO IT. SERIOUSLY. This game is not hard. It is not terribly long. You can whip through it in 10 minutes if you try.



TO add to the challenge of the game, I changed the time limit from 100 to 40. It's still very doable, and the password to skip to the end is still the same.
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BlackStarRules1 4 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I give it 10/10! The animation is amazing and is carefully thought out! I love how you can change the clothes to whatever you want. The code at the end isn't worth it because you will want to do it manually all over again.
The fewest days I can achieve maximum stats is 20.
hmmm... didn't catch the password even though I beat the game
you have to work out to get ironic
Do you only get the password if you get all the stats to 100?
The password is--

*noise downstairs*


*closes window*

monkeylova19 Jan 30, 2014  New member
i know da password! but won't tell u. figure it out yerself. MWAHAHAHAHAHA
could you add more poses, faces, clothes, and just kinda do a full out update? That would be awesome.
in the beginning part, the star wars intro played in my head
KennyVsTheUniverse Jan 5, 2014  Student General Artist
Pretty sexy flash! Aisha's bigger than a house. Keep up the good work. In fact, the password is............................... Wait what's the password?
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